Embroidery is one of the most powerful ways to get your branding on point. It offers a nice embossed finish to really make your logo stand out. Your artwork will be hand digitized in-house. We’ll use colour blending, and stitch formats to make sure we have your logo looking its best. Some companies lack the small details when it comes to embroidery, but not us. We’ll make sure it’s stitched to a high standard with a high stitch count. Embroidery is the most durable form of garment customisation and is guaranteed to outlast the garment itself.

Why Choose us?

1. Quality – With over 10 years of experience embroidering and digitizing logos we guarantee you will be left happy with your order.

2. Price – We’re constantly making sure our prices are competitive and affordable.

3. Simple & Fast – Tell us what you want, send your artwork and receive your order just like that. 

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